It’s Friday and I’m Ready to…Be Grateful


Well it’s Friday, and for me the end of another week without a vehicle. It has been promised to me by Monday, but we’ll see (fingers crossed). After a week of stressing about it, today I’be decided to reflect about what being without has given me and be grateful. 

For starters it made me realize how inactive the boys and I are when it comes to having daily activities planned for them. Missing the car initially was upsetting because I had to depend on others to take us on our grocery errands and, largely because we’ve been unable to take their dad to and pick him up from work, and he’s had to take a cab or walk. Even though he often complained about putting gas in the car which has been part of th reason we sit home most of the day. Honestly. But going stir crazy made me realize just how crazy it is to not be more considerate of my children. I mean there was a time when I was working from home but still making the effort to build a stronf desire in them for reading by taking them to programs at the library. And so I’m grateful that I’ve been able to acknowledge that and have it bring back the desire for us to do those things again.

One of the biggest reasons I’ve become grateful for sitting still is that it’s allowed me to really reflect on my relationship with money. I know I’ve mentioned continuously my desire to be financially free, but it’s finally led me to take some steps to do some things, starting with ordering a book by Kate Northup titled Money: A Love Story and to commit myself to being an active reader of the information. I’ve realized how important it was for me before I had kids to be putting forth all efforts to be as independent as possible. I enjoyed living within my means and buying things with cash and sittong still has made me realize that if I was strong enough, determined enough to do it before, there is nothing that should be detering me from doinh it again. Not even my children. There’a something that feels good about being responsible and not dependent on anyone for things like the aforementioned gas and having their finances or willingness to give determine how active I can be with my children, be it lessons that I want to do with them at home, of being able to take them to the zoo or science center often.

Lastly it has really allowed me to wrap my head around the new baby, to the point where it’s rekindled my craftiness. I’ve been studying making slings, matching bed sheets, all types of things that will keep me busy when he finally gets here and I’m stuck at home again. 

I’ve realized that focusing on these things make me happy and, guess what? I even enjoy blogging consisietently. Afterall I did get my degree on Journalism and Creative Writing, so sharing the written wordn is so natural for me. And I’m grateful to have realized these things and mostly grateful that it all means a commitment to me being better for me. The person who, for the last four years has been at the bottom of my list. 

I bid you much bliss for your weekend, until we greet again. Oh and thank YOU for reading.



About JNC

I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a lover, a friend, a cheerleader, a dancer, a creator. I am what I need to be for this life, at this moment, I suppose. Just like a lot of people I am still growing, searching out different possibilities in myself. And I'm here.

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