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I must confess, I am an Alabama Football fan. Not that I grew up one, because my parents went to Alabama A&M, an HBCU, where the band’s performance, not the football team’s, is the most important part of the game. But, I graduated from The University of Alabama, and when you go to school there they engulf you into their fandamonium. They make you become a fan, whether you wear it proudly or are undercover, saving football clippings from the seasons you were in school (guilty). They take you and trap you into this thing called football and you don’t realize how they wrap you up in it until you aren’t on campus anymore. And you find yourself doing strange things. Like waiting everyday for 2pm CST. 

Why, you ask. Because its not Alabama Football that I’m admitting an addiction, but my addiction is The Paul Finebaum show. 

On Saturday, after all of the college games have been played, I can’t wait to hear what they’ll be saying on Finebaum Monday. Sometimes I wish he was broadcast on Saturday and I didn’t have to wait all the way until Monday at 2pm to hear the fans express their excitement, disappointment, embarrassment, confidence, THEIR opinions on THEIR team. And don’t forget the guests. You never know what they’re going to say. Especially when they take calls from the callers oh my. 

I must admit though, that my addiction has been worsened by the incredible season Alabama is having being a polar opposite of the historical season against our in state rivals, Auburn University. It’s not that I’m enjoying their failures, but Bama fans got the worst of it when they were striding toward their first National Championship in 50 years during the 2010 season. We were jealous, envious of the fact that we didn’t have Cam Newton, because he was Moses reincarnate (though he isn’t having such a spectacular second season in the pros, which makes Finebaum even THAT much better). Normally I would feel bad, sorry even, because people close to me went to Auburn, and I hate to see them miserable about their football season. Then I remember all the teasing I endured. Alone. When my school’s team was on sanctions and being beaten not only five years in a row by Tubberville’s teams, but we also got him one for the thumb. And it makes me realize what a bitch Karma can be.

We weren’t jealous. We just hadn’t been fooled by their coach. We weren’t so delusional that we didn’t see the truth in their game. What Chizik is now is what we always expected from someone who got his job after going 5-19 at his previous head coaching post. One and seven now. Yep that sounds about right when you move to a tougher conference. But, hey, I’d much rather listen to other fans chime in about it. 

So I will be joining Finebaum on his live chat on Monday at 11 am, and, anxiously awaiting his callers at 2pm, because I know, it’s just going to get more and more epic. And I’m addicted to every moment. And hey, I’ve got the T-shirts to prove it.


So…the life of a stay-at-home mom can be sort of isolating, especially if you aren’t rich and part of a BravoTV franchise. It can be rather exhausting and exasperating running after a couple of kids, not knowing if you are going to get any meaningful adult interaction on any given day. So all the things that are floating around in me, that would be one line zingers on my Facebook page, I’ve decided to make into extended paragraphs on my own blog. Just a place to release my thoughts, to journal, if you will. Journalism in it’s truest form. Only, if it was spoken of in the professional sense, it would be considered an editorial.

I have thought long and hard about the focus of this blog, hence the title, because the truth is, its hard to narrow myself down to one focus. So I figure maybe I’ll just start off like this, talking about whatever the hell, because isn’t that who and what we all are. We posses the ability to float from topic to topic, with a shuffle button that works for every interest; cooking, sports, TV, LIFE. I mean really that’s what we are all living. Sure I’d love for this to be some place to visit for positive motivation, but the truth is some days I feel shitty. Some days we all feel shitty. But we shouldn’t feel shitty everyday. And if you do, well here I am. Visit me. Trust me I will understand if you can’t stand what the hell I’m saying. Why? Because I feel that way too.

But anyway, I’m just ready to share my adventures from day to day on the privacy of my own blog. (What an oxymoron). And maybe, at some point in my day, be a person, not “just” a mom.

The First Post For The Hundredth Time